gay love spell

This gay love spell can be attempted by anyone on their own. The process is as follows: You need to buy, without haggling, three meters of natural black fabric and nine knives with black handles, plus three bull hearts. Go to an old cemetery at sunset and place a piece of fabric on three graves. … Read moregay love spell


“Volt (doll) is one of the main tools for remote influence. With a volt, you can cast curses and love spells, but you can also heal and provide protection, essentially exerting full control over a person.To make a volt, you need pure beeswax and items that belong to the person you will be targeting. These … Read moreEnvolvement

the ritual of slavery

“To perform the ritual of slavery, gather an item from the victim’s personal belongings. Four large black candles. Twelve smaller black candles. Two pieces of black cloth. Chalk. A small box of salt. Around midnight, place a piece of black cloth on the table. Draw the symbol of Chernobog (as previously mentioned, how to draw … Read morethe ritual of slavery


“Egilet.To tear off a willow rod and thrice strike the ground with it like a whip, following all the rules, go to the cemetery, find the grave with the victim’s name, read the incantation thrice, bend the rod into an arc and tie it with a scrap of unwashed undergarment belonging to the victim. Bury … Read moreEgilet

Love Spells for Hair

Hair has a direct connection with the Earth’s energy-information field and serves as a mediator for obtaining specific powers from a person.Possessing someone’s hair gives black magic the power to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Even decades after obtaining the hair, it is still possible to influence a person through it. Now let’s explore … Read moreLove Spells for Hair

Special love spells in the absence of any personal belongings.

“Special love spells in the absence of any personal belongings. Love spellbindingLove Spell The magic of love is the cornerstone of the occult arts. It is the most complex and sought-after area of magic. Its methods of influence have been studied, developed, and perfected for many millennia. With the help of love magic, you can … Read moreSpecial love spells in the absence of any personal belongings.

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