Love Spells for Hair

Hair has a direct connection with the Earth’s energy-information field and serves as a mediator for obtaining specific powers from a person.
Possessing someone’s hair gives black magic the power to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Even decades after obtaining the hair, it is still possible to influence a person through it.

Now let’s explore the love spells that can help us attract the desired person’s attention in the realm of love.

These include:

  • Love Knot Ritual
  • Sacred Seal Ritual
  • Ritual of Subjugation and Slavery

The first ritual, the ‘Love Knot Ritual,’ will help us charm a person and ignite passion and sensuality in them.

The second ritual, the ‘Sacred Seal Ritual,’ will grant us the love of the target, and the ‘Ritual of Subjugation and Slavery’ will bind their will and surrender it to our power.

Love Knot Ritual
The work will be performed on a growing Moon, on Thursday at midnight.

For the ritual, we will need:

  • Hair of the target person
  • Green candle
  • Thick red thread, 1 meter long

On the altar in the eastern part, we light the green candle and say:

“Asgad metaho ronze vitego spatiho ataze viglo neater N (the name of the person to be enchanted) unga vovle sharte piteho ata snave M (the person we enchant).”

During the ritual, we need to make 13 knots on the thread, with one of them (the first one) incorporating the hair of the person to be enchanted. So, we make a knot with the attached hair in any place on the thread while reciting the incantation:

“Pheta avasse cnago anagao ukolo mheri N viziklo orobo maetis gigilo vaile joi M.”

Afterward, we make 12 more knots anywhere on the thread while reciting the second incantation:

“N ote eneroba nanta vite hors divide ciehe M.”

We extinguish the candle and the next day we go to the cemetery. We bury the thread while saying:

“Allay Fortission fortissio allinsen roa.”

This ritual is very powerful and requires complete dedication. We leave silently, without looking back, until we exit the cemetery.

The ritual is completed.

Sacred Seal Ritual
This ritual is performed on a growing Moon, on Friday at 10 PM. For the ritual, we will need:

  • Parchment, approximately 8 by 8 cm
  • Ink and a dove’s feather
  • Thin green and red wax candles

On the parchment, using the dove’s feather and ink, we draw an upright pentagram. In the center of the pentagram, we place the hair of the target person and the person we want to enchant. We twist together two wax candles and light them. We let the wax drip onto the pentagram in a way that it falls on the hair and secures it. While the wax is dripping, we recite the love spell seven times:

“Es ta ahigo enekla varicio ono sparice niegere visente mochino tokine uslo ele ta favori miscenti bokido ronvo spaleze nieger yokle davidos borito nu a na spale spahito tov ta miere eye oyla vaile pareneo neti migo jure skaviloto veenenery miekla N (the name of the target) sant M (the name of the person being enchanted).”

Afterward, we extinguish the candles with the index and middle finger of the left hand. Silently, we go to the target’s house and bury the parchment near the path they usually walk on. We return home without looking back or talking to anyone on the way.

Subjugation and Slavery Ritual
Perhaps, this is the darkest ritual of black love magic. In a way, it can be called an act of zombifying a person, subjugating their will to the witch or the one who requests it. It is used when you require something more from a person close to you (husband, lover) than just love and sexual attraction.

For example, it may involve inheritance or other concessions that they are not willing to make despite their feelings for you.

The ritual will be performed on the night of Tuesday during the full moon. It is preferable for the Moon to be in an air or water trigon.

For the ritual, we will need the following items:

  • Thirteen black wax candles mixed with the ashes of the deceased
  • Thirteen needles that have spent the night pierced into the grave of a person with the same name as the target
  • Thirteen hairs of the target person

So, on the night of Tuesday, we go to an empty field. We plant all the candles into the ground. We light them from right to left. In each candle, we insert a needle while saying:

“Estagono shakha isha paalito forets sklino stira go norme ato vrods N (the name of the target) asse M (the name of the client).”

Then, we burn a hair in the flame of each candle while reciting:

“Stkhilao hinta svaage svaaoarge gortseo nanta plio skloho nerko obomo potago.”

We let the candles burn until they extinguish themselves.

We leave without looking back or talking to anyone on the way.”

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