the ritual of slavery

“To perform the ritual of slavery, gather an item from the victim’s personal belongings. Four large black candles. Twelve smaller black candles. Two pieces of black cloth. Chalk. A small box of salt. Around midnight, place a piece of black cloth on the table. Draw the symbol of Chernobog (as previously mentioned, how to draw it) or an inverted pentagram. In the center, place the victim’s item and the box of salt. Outside the symbol, place one large black candle in a cross shape on each of the four sides. Light a small black candle for illumination and hold it in your right hand. Light the large black candles counterclockwise in a circle. Then recite the incantation:

“Under the black moon, a maiden named Satanica sits on the cemetery. Sister Satanica, come to my aid, servant (your name). Bind the servant (victim’s name) to me in slavery. Let him/her wither, suffer, lament, forget father and mother, worship only me, obey all my words, follow all my commands. I bind you, servant (victim’s name), from all human kin. I take away your will. All my words, all my commands, shall be orders for the servant (victim’s name). I bind you, servant (victim’s name), from all human kin. I take you into slavery for myself, I take away your will. And if you resist, a stake in your throat, a needle in your heart, a thorn in your side. In the name of Satan, I place the slave seal on the servant (victim’s name), let him/her wither for me, servant (your name). So be it!”

Place the small candle next to the victim’s item in the center of the symbol. When it burns out, extinguish it by pressing it with the box, then place the four large black candles inside the symbol. Cover everything with the second piece of black cloth until the next evening, and repeat this process for twelve consecutive nights. On the twelfth night, after the last candle burns out, extinguish the four large candles as usual, take the box of salt and leave it at home. Cover everything with the cloth and tie a cross knot at the corners of the cloth. Go to the cemetery and bury it in the grave with the victim’s name. After that, walk counterclockwise around the grave, saying:

“The corpse (female corpse) lies in the ground, guarding the body, keeping the soul of the servant (victim’s name). I leave the servant’s (victim’s name) item to you, and I take the servant (victim’s name) into slavery, subjecting him/her to my will. Just as the corpse (female corpse) cannot rise, cannot move. So shall the servant (victim’s name) obey me from this hour, unable to free himself/herself from my slavery as long as the earth exists. So be it!”

Continue the work, following all the rules. Feed the salt to the victim or at least sprinkle it on their threshold for them to step on.”

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