Love spells on personal belongings.

Magical rituals involving a person’s clothing have found wide application in practical witchcraft due to their fast and powerful results in complex life situations.
With the help of this magic, you can keep your husband by your side for a long time or make a married man your lover for many years, even if he has no passion for you.

For example, by sewing special threads from the deceased’s hands (or feet) into underwear, or by washing a shirt (blouse) in dead water (water used to wash the deceased) and sprinkling grave earth with an incantation into shoes…

These three practices will be discussed in this chapter.

Enchantment on Underwear: “Threads from the Deceased”
For this enchantment, we need to obtain the threads that were used to bind the hands or feet of the deceased during the funeral.

It is necessary to sew them discreetly and unnoticed into the elastic band of our beloved’s underwear.

You can cut any strip from the threads, both in length and width. It doesn’t matter. When sewing the threads into the elastic band, recite the incantation nine times:

“Es ta he bazile is nobik vigere et vitehem N (name of the enchanted and thereafter) no estri mekamile mekabu erkaba tinovi shemesh segila etano vegile metanu tsevadali eta aonsi bigere ave italo suahe farize dlavizule epohio raomazi M (name of the one enchanted and thereafter) smiktanu tsade o gozhe tenolu pigele vreje etamu diege suaro nekta.”

After that, the enchanted person should wear this underwear. Washing will not harm the enchantment. This powerful enchantment using the deceased is performed on the waxing moon on Thursday at 11 p.m.

Needless to say, no one should witness this action, and no one should be told about it. The needle used for sewing the threads should be new and not used for any other purpose afterward. It is best to bury it in the ground in any location after the ritual.

Enchantment on Shirt: “Dead Water”
Dead water can be obtained in two ways. The first way is when you or someone you trust washes the deceased before the funeral, or the second way is to take the water that was left in a glass near the deceased (as per tradition).

Next, after obtaining the water (at any time), you also need to have the shirt of the person being enchanted, which they have already worn (washing is irrelevant).

Once you have the materials, on Monday, the day of the Moon, during the full moon, put the shirt in a bowl and wash it as usual.

After rinsing, rinse it again in the dead water while reciting the incantation three times:

“Gortse patizhe etenoru vinoro faari mekino N pitakha roagi burius oto anato vigele kiele spilero nanti gejilo zhenato obro tenzi ne kes vero leleo romazi M atno vireno otoze skloo yante yentu yenato voaziro tere.”

Once the shirt is dry, discreetly return it to its owner, and they must wear it.

Enchantment Ritual on Shoes: “Dead Earth”
Dead earth is highly sought after in witchcraft and black magic. It is used for various curses, cooling down emotions, turning away people, nullifying diseases, blocking career advancement, and destroying businesses.

It has also found application in love magic in the form of a drying charm. The key moment of this ritual is that we must have access to the shoes of the person being enchanted, particularly the ones they are currently wearing.

So, on the night before Thursday, during the waxing moon, as dusk falls, go to the cemetery, find the grave with the name of your beloved, and take a handful of earth from the feet of the grave, saying:

“Manta ofuro mento ikaze lsoo ronte rogo varlo splikhio teraku getaro bilono minta.”

After that, silently go home. The next day, at any time, carefully sprinkle an imperceptible handful of this earth into their shoes, reciting the drying charm three times:

“Geroto Gerodo Gerata Ispanso shenti Nshanti shakti duu virono vereno veaeru cikele tsantu tsipezhe regovo mento yurite yurazi yurimato nopato nekozhe negile farozi ferazi menis okalo sprezhe kento vrageo M kalono tanto mreo gree.”

That’s it. The person must wear these shoes on the same day.