Special love spells in the absence of any personal belongings.

“Special love spells in the absence of any personal belongings.

Love spellbinding
Love Spell

The magic of love is the cornerstone of the occult arts. It is the most complex and sought-after area of magic. Its methods of influence have been studied, developed, and perfected for many millennia.

With the help of love magic, you can make someone love you who has absolutely no interest in you, so that they literally breathe you or, conversely, turn a loving couple into enemies in the shortest possible time.

In the absence of an ideal partner, it will help you find them, or if you realize that you don’t need this love, it will help you quickly forget them in both your mind and heart.

A confirmed bachelor will beg you on his knees to marry him, and a womanizer will not be able to sleep with anyone but you, finding everyone else repulsive.

In their private practice, masters often face the problem that a person who seeks help from a sorcerer has nothing belonging to the object of their love, not even a photograph. For a young master, this is a dead end. Their magical power is not enough to achieve the necessary result without any emanation from the one being enchanted. Starting from an average sorcerer, this becomes possible.

The main thing is not to overdo it and objectively assess your abilities, so as not to disappoint the person with the lack of results or, having achieved them, not to exhaust yourself completely, as this magic requires great energy expenditure from the master.

Below we will consider three effective love spells in which the magician relies solely on the power of their magical pyramid.

Wind love spell
“Wind of desires.”

The wind love spell does not have any astrological connection except for the factor of the waxing moon. The only condition is that the wind should blow in the direction of the person being enchanted, and no one should hear you while you recite the spell.

So, you stand in the stream of wind, making sure no one hears you, and vividly visualize the object of your love in front of you. They are charged with your magical power, and their blood boils with passion for you. Similarly, if you perform this ritual for someone else, you see how the object of enchantment burns with passion for the client.

Once the visualization becomes clear and stable, along with the magical energy you send, whisper the spell of passion and lust seven times, as if overlaying the words on the wind:

“Shakraa ankhа anga vabi metuzio igaleri siloto patio nivezhe sgio nekto pitaho ognа egena N fаreto pezi niza nizeto opotole kegalo M ughlo metaze sapireno geglo ronto menezi tantu obrа sakilere renato voale kроо nto.”

After that, stand silently for another minute, enjoying the successfully performed work, and calmly go home.

Intersection love spell
“Cross of love.”

An optimal choice is a crossroad in an empty place, in an abandoned or simply old cemetery, or any other crossroad with rare human and vehicle traffic. Spirits like places where they are not disturbed by us.

So, on a full moon night, at midnight, from Friday to Saturday, stand on the crossroad facing southeast. The only instrument you will need is an athame. You will use it to draw figures in the air in front of you while reciting the spell. You will repeat the words of the spell three times. And each time, with the athame, draw an equilateral cross and pierce it at the center. The visualization is the same as in the previous spell.

Once you have completed the spell and have pierced the center of the cross with the athame for the third time, draw a semicircle over your head with the athame and shout out the name of the enchanted person three times.

If the spell was performed correctly, you will feel an invisible presence around you, and you will have a feeling that someone is watching you. After that, without turning around, silently leave the crossroad and go home.

Love spell with a fire
“Fiery passion.”

This spell requires a special combination of days: Wednesday or Friday on the week of the full moon. This combination maximizes the power of the magician and helps to make the spell effective.

For this spell, you need a candle of any color (but it is better to choose a red one). In a secluded place, far from prying eyes, light the candle and put it in front of you. Sit comfortably and focus on the flame. Take three deep breaths, inhaling the scent of burning wax.

Now, while looking at the flame, recite the following spell seven times:

“Fiery passion, ignite in [name] the love for me. Let their heart burn with desire, and their thoughts be filled with thoughts of me. As this candle burns, so shall their love for me grow stronger. So mote it be.”

After the seventh recitation, blow out the candle and visualize the person you desire, feeling their love and desire for you growing stronger.

Remember, love spells and enchantments are not to be taken lightly. They involve manipulating the feelings and desires of others, which can have serious ethical and karmic implications. It is important to consider the potential consequences and always respect the free will and autonomy of others.”

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