gay love spell

This gay love spell can be attempted by anyone on their own.

The process is as follows:

You need to buy, without haggling, three meters of natural black fabric and nine knives with black handles, plus three bull hearts.

Go to an old cemetery at sunset and place a piece of fabric on three graves.

On each fabric, place a bull heart.

Place three knives with each heart.

Each heart should be struck once with the knives that are laid on the fabric with it.

Recite the incantation while delivering the blow.

During the incantation, visualize the image of your beloved in your mind.

“Igna asdi avata datchile spaakhito svaaragi sdxhaa tamsali ktho.”

Wrap the three fabrics together with the knives and hearts, go to the center of the cemetery, and bury them securely so that dogs and rats won’t dig them up.