Lesbian love spell

“Recently, there has been a growing trend of girls and women seeking the help of a magician or sorcerer to perform a lesbian love spell on a same-sex partner.

Here is a ritual for a mild same-sex love spell for lesbians:

On a Friday night at ten o’clock, during a full moon, find a clearing where no one can see you.

Take off your shoes to establish a connection between your feet and the ground. Hold any silver object in your left hand.

Unfocus your gaze and look at the moon, absorbing its light and charging the object in your hand.

Visualize yourself kissing your beloved and whisper the following words to the moon nine times:

‘Shkhana ata lamanu ida ongo sarvati nentu mokino etu rei fastido rakshi stanilo ekhi netelo mikalo svii.’

Leave in silence without looking back.

Carry the object with you without showing it to anyone.

If the recipient already has a latent inclination towards same-sex contact, the ritual may provide assistance.”