To tear off a willow rod and thrice strike the ground with it like a whip, following all the rules, go to the cemetery, find the grave with the victim’s name, read the incantation thrice, bend the rod into an arc and tie it with a scrap of unwashed undergarment belonging to the victim. Bury the rod on the grave in the pelvic area:

“As I take in my hand the shepherd’s whip, I swing it with all my might, striking the black mountain forcefully.

As the whip soars, it stretches like an arrow, as it falls, it bends entirely.

I bend it into a sharp arc, firmly attach it to the handle, tie it tightly and bury it in the grave’s soil.

Never to hang, never to swing, never to stretch like an arrow; it shall lie in the grave, bent in an arc, remembering the past debauchery.

Never to straighten, never to flaunt, remaining beneath the burial ground. The whip – an arc, decaying underground, may you, servant (victim’s name), not surrender to your wretched promiscuity, forget about pleasures, let your member bend like the arc, your mind and body in torment, barely moving, unable to rise, unable to bed women.

May it come true now and last for ages.

No one shall undo what I have spoken, break the seal of a hundred pounds.

So be it!”