Ritual of Family Destruction

“Ritual of Family Destruction

  1. Sending dreams to spouses about the infidelity of their partners.
  2. Igniting hatred within the family.
  3. Cursing the children in revenge against the couple.

Where to begin your dark deed of destroying a family?

Of course, what better way than undermining the trust between spouses, and this is very effectively done by sending vivid emotional dreams about the infidelity of the other half.

The dream will be so intense that the recipient will wake up drenched in cold sweat from the feeling of betrayal, treachery, hurt, and sorrow. Moreover, they will consider the dream as a sign from above that their partner is in love with someone else and will soon leave.

Distrust and jealousy will arise, followed by resentment, which will soon turn into hatred, and that’s when the second ritual comes into play.
The work begins on the night from Monday to Tuesday during the full moon.

You stand barefoot on the bare ground at three o’clock in the morning, focusing on the Moon. Your concentration gradually turns into meditation. You must feel that the contact with the Moon is established, and there is an exchange of Power between you and her.

Visualize the face of the person you are casting the spells on. Bind their sleep with the incantation:

“Getaka apiteka amilena itatono ikatato maotua N” (the name of the victim)

Repeat it nine times.

Next, vividly visualize the dream for the victim in detail and send it into their mind, saying:

“Iphoto hortche Getaka lenge ikleto vuu.”

Repeat it nine times.

Upon returning home, light a Moon incense and a candle rubbed with Moon oil, then go to sleep.

After a week, proceed to the second phase of destroying the family.

Create scandals and foster hatred between them. For this, use separate photos of the couple.

Glue the photos together with the back sides facing each other, and in the process, place some earth from the grave of a person who was never married but died in old age.

Then, wrap the photos with cemetery ribbon, and if possible, use the clothes or hair of the deceased (which can be obtained discreetly from funerals). At midnight, on a crossroad, recite the Words of Power thirteen times and burn everything, but carefully sprinkle the ashes on the doorstep without drawing attention.

Words of Power:

“Astora Pakotis Inger! By ashes, death, and Satan, I disrupt your peace, N and N.”

Lastly, to ensure that no pleasant memories of their past family life remain, especially through their children (if any), let’s turn them into failures, alcoholics, drug addicts, and prisoners.

To do this, do not dispose of some of the ashes, but keep them in a dark place, you can bury them in a container in a cemetery, just mark where so you won’t forget. We will use this sorcery when the couple has already separated.

Take out the ashes and pour them into melting wax, to which you have added the powder of a young suicide drug addict (powerful cursed powder). Create a candle from this mixture. Go to the cemetery in twilight.

Light the candle by sticking it into the ground of a fresh grave and recite the curse nine times. The main challenge is to wait until slightly more than half of the candle burns down. Then repeat this same ritual after a year.


“N and N, I bind your future descendants with a curse until the end of days. Astora Ehilotus Ferhus Agoni Ihateha.”

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