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If you need assistance in the field of practical magic, you can turn to Master Balaban Andrey Anatolyevich, also known as Amanar. He is ready to provide you with a free consultation to assess the possibility of helping you in your case.

  Regardless of your location, religion, or sexual orientation, you can rely on information about ordering magical work. If necessary and with the master’s consent to proceed, you will be informed of the timeline and cost (full prepayment is required). Typically, the price is around 500 euros.

 The consultation includes listening to your problem through email, text messages, or audio/video calls (format to be agreed upon in advance). You will need to describe the desired outcome you wish to achieve through magic. During the magical work process, the master will stay in contact, providing you with updates on the progress and changes in the situation.

  Please note that the consultation does not include answers to questions about personal relationships, future events, or diagnosing curses. Such types of divination are paid services, costing 100 euros. Master Amanar’s ultimate goal is to help clients achieve their desired results through magical work.

 I would like to draw your attention to the flexible pricing policy when ordering magical assistance. This approach facilitates a favorable resolution even if the client has a limited budget and allows for comfortable use of the services of an experienced master. By choosing to use the services of an experienced mage, you open up a wide range of possibilities in life, taking a big step toward achieving your goals.

 I have been practicing private magic for many years and have accumulated a wealth of innovative methods that enable me to complete clients’ orders accurately in the shortest possible time. Honest and fair treatment of clients is my two main principles. Thanks to these principles, I have established partnerships with many clients, and through their recommendations, new clients successfully address their life issues.

 On average, it takes me from three to seven days to fulfill an order. The timelines are discussed individually with each client. An individual approach to each inquiry allows me to personally assess the level of task complexity and the time spent on its resolution.

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +37257323296, (WatsApp, Viber, Telegram) Balaban Andrii

Skype: +37257323296

100% guaranteed

 Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed in your dealings with me. If you have reached out to me for assistance, please attach photos and names of all participants involved in your inquiry and specify the desired outcome. You can contact me via email or messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram. Please refrain from calling, as I am not fluent in spoken languages. I will gladly provide you with a response or assistance within one day.

 Below, I have included my video where I talk about myself, my magical methods, and my books. You can also watch a second video where I participate in the well-known TV show «Battle of the Psychics.» I speak in Russian, but you can enable subtitles in your preferred language. I fully understand what you are writing to me and I am ready to work to assist you.

Open chat with the magician Amanar
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Good day. Please send photos and names of all participants involved in your inquiry immediately (if it's a love spell, then photos and names of both). Specify what you want to achieve with the magical assistance (for example, a love spell for a beloved person or a curse on an enemy). Only after receiving the photos, names, and purpose of your inquiry, I can state the price, duration, and guarantee of the work. I work only on a full prepayment basis. The average price for assistance is 500 euros. Fortune telling and diagnosis of a curse cost 100 euros. Photo report of the work. Video report is possible. I consult the client throughout the entire process. The client pays once and I work with them until they say they are satisfied with the result. Please contact in writing only. Services are only remote. Sincerely, mage Amanar (Andrey Balaban).