“Volt (doll) is one of the main tools for remote influence. With a volt, you can cast curses and love spells, but you can also heal and provide protection, essentially exerting full control over a person.
To make a volt, you need pure beeswax and items that belong to the person you will be targeting. These can be nails, hair, other organic materials, or items that have been used by the future victim for a long time. In extreme cases, a piece of paper with inscriptions or drawings will suffice, especially if they were made by the future victim using a pen or pencil while talking on the phone or simply thinking.

Place the pure beeswax on a water bath. Once it melts, add organic materials to it. If you have enough time, add them to the anatomical area. For example, if you have nails, create volt hands separately with added nails. If there are hair or saliva, create a head. If there is dried blood, the area of the heart. When sculpting the volt, try to make it resemble the victim as much as possible. If you have a photo, cut it out and place it on the face area. If you are good at drawing, you can even draw the face on paper and attach it. After that, make clothes from a piece of the victim’s worn clothing or take a piece of new cotton fabric, purify it with elemental forces, and thread at least a thread from the victim’s clothes into it. Finally, raise the volt up with your right hand and imagine a lightning strike into it, saying:

“I revive and name you (victim’s name). So be it!”

Alternatively, place the volt in a dish with clean water and pour (or dip) it three times with the same water, uttering the same words. When working with the volt, perform the ritual in a circle, as it will reduce the recoil effect. Use new (non-sewn) and large needles to strike.

Light a black candle. Mold a victim’s volt (doll) from real beeswax. The volt must clearly depict the presence of sexual characteristics. If it’s a man, denote the phallus, if a woman, the breasts. During the molding process, identify the volt with the victim. Place the volt in a bowl of non-potable spring water and dip it three times into the water while saying:

“I name you (victim’s name), you are a servant (man or woman) of (victim’s name), and the doll is one. What happens to the doll will happen to you. So be it!”

You can work with a photo of the victim, then lighting is not required. Then take twelve new needles, pierce the black candle with them, and light it. As the needles fall from the burning candle, take them and one by one, from bottom to top, insert them into the volt, piercing the feet, genitals, stomach, hands, liver, heart, and head. After that, according to all the rules, go to the cemetery and bury the volt on the grave with the victim’s name. Insert twelve small black candles into the grave and recite the spell until the candles burn out:

“Just as the eyes of this deceased do not open, the mouth does not speak, the hands do not rise, so let the servant (man or woman) (victim’s name) not open his/her eyes, not speak with his/her mouth, not raise his/her hands, let him/her not rise from the grave, nor wander among the living anymore. So be it!”

On the grave

, collect a little soil in a small bag and sprinkle it over the victim’s food, clothes, bed, home, and threshold. Leave without looking back and without talking to anyone until you reach your home. An offering should be made at the grave.

We mold the volt according to the above instructions and illuminate it, naming it. Alternatively, we use a photo of the victim. Take a new needle, recite the incantation on it three times in a whisper, holding it close to your lips:

“Fly, needle, with pain and tears, through untrodden paths, through blood, not in the eye, not in the brow, but fly straight into the heart, squeeze it, stab it, tear it apart. Torment the servant (man or woman) (victim’s name) to death. So be it!”

Pierce the area of the victim’s heart with the needle. Wrap the photo with the needle in black cloth and tightly wrap it with black coarse threads in a cross pattern. Bury all of this on the grave with the victim’s name, following all the rules.”

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