The black love spell

“Remove crosses and icons from the room. Wear black clothing, and keep the windows open. The black love spell is performed at midnight.

Place three black candles on the table (both the exterior and the core of the candles should be black). Arrange them in the shape of a triangle, with one candle strictly facing north.

Use multiple candles for illumination, arranged in random order. Stand facing north, and recite the following words:

‘Darkness that comes from the north, I bow before you. Northern winds, unclean and ominous, hear my plea and fulfill my desire. Read it in my heart, come into my soul.’

Then, repeat the same words in each direction (incorporating the corresponding direction of the invocation counterclockwise).

After each recitation, touch yourself three times with an inverted cross (from bottom to top, from left to right, with the horizontal line crossing at hip level) while saying:

‘Here and now, the guardian of the soul has no power, for here and now, the Devil takes his rightful place.’

Sit facing south (not in the form of a cross). In the center of the triangle, place a photograph of the target. Starting from the northern candle, light the candles. As the flames grow, say the words, ‘For the favor of the soul’ (then recite the Lord’s Prayer in reverse). Then, make a puncture or cut on your finger or the inner side of your palm and let a few drops fall into the flame of the northern candle, saying:

‘Wicked spirits, malevolent demons, fallen angels, darkest devils, those who hear, those who see, those who are near, accept and appear. I beseech you with my heart and summon you with the ancient covenant (make the sign of the cross).’

Next, wait for a while. A sign will appear, or you may feel an unexplained sense of fear or someone’s presence behind you (do not turn around!).

In your left hand, hold the northern candle. Use the dripping wax to draw an inverted cross on the photograph, applying it from bottom to top, from right to left.

You should feel each drop, be one with it, see how deeply and inevitably the black melancholy enters the heart of the target. While doing this, recite:

‘Black wax, with black melancholy into the soul. Black wax, with a black needle into the heart. Black wax, with black tear onto the eyes. Servant of God (name), from now on, be my servant alone. I am in their thoughts, their soul, and their heart! The unholy power guarantees it, and the Devil is witness behind my back. So be it, as I will it!’

A few drops of your blood are dripped onto the photograph, after which everything is burned on the northern candle. In conclusion, express gratitude to the forces of darkness. Extinguish the candles counterclockwise.”

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