Magical Rituals for Fast Wealth Accumulation: Attracting Abundance and Prosperity

In the realm of magic, there exists a vast array of rituals that can help you attract wealth and prosperity. With my knowledge and expertise, I can guide you through this process. Here are some of the rituals I offer: My magical work is focused on your well-being and prosperity. I offer a personalized approach … Read moreMagical Rituals for Fast Wealth Accumulation: Attracting Abundance and Prosperity

A Magical Ritual for a Successful Marriage: Attracting Love and Happiness

Welcome to the world of magic and enchantment! If you are seeking the perfect partner and wish to create harmonious and blissful relationships, this ritual is for you. Before we begin, allow me to introduce myself. I am a mage possessing unique abilities and knowledge in the realm of magic and the occult. My goal … Read moreA Magical Ritual for a Successful Marriage: Attracting Love and Happiness

Rituals for Prosperity in Business

“Rituals for Prosperity in Business In this lesson, we will explore three main rituals that encompass the activities of a businessperson. These rituals are focused on: Ritual for Successful TradingProsperity in BusinessSuccessful tradingIn their business activities, entrepreneurs often observe a moment when a less advertised and less advantageous product or service becomes more attractive to … Read moreRituals for Prosperity in Business

Ancestral Curse

Here is the translation of the text from the book: “Ancestral CursePerformed on a Tuesday or Saturday before midnight. Naturally, during the waning moon, like all curses.Before starting the work, we read “Nima” (i.e., the Lord’s Prayer) thirteen times in reverse. Take thirteen black candles, black cloth (one meter by one meter), chalk, a photo … Read moreAncestral Curse

the curse ritual of death,

“You will need: To perform the curse ritual of death, you need to master the technique of entering a state of uncontrollable madness (shamanic practices are suitable – use appropriate incense, music, dance, etc., choose the method preferred by the practitioner). You must be able to produce a powerful and steady vibration so that your … Read morethe curse ritual of death,

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Good day. Please send photos and names of all participants involved in your inquiry immediately (if it's a love spell, then photos and names of both). Specify what you want to achieve with the magical assistance (for example, a love spell for a beloved person or a curse on an enemy). Only after receiving the photos, names, and purpose of your inquiry, I can state the price, duration, and guarantee of the work. I work only on a full prepayment basis. The average price for assistance is 500 euros. Fortune telling and diagnosis of a curse cost 100 euros. Photo report of the work. Video report is possible. I consult the client throughout the entire process. The client pays once and I work with them until they say they are satisfied with the result. Please contact in writing only. Services are only remote. Sincerely, mage Amanar (Andrey Balaban).