Bindings (garters) (i.e., making a man or woman incapable of engaging in sexual relations)

“Bindings (garters) (i.e., making a man or woman incapable of engaging in sexual relations)

Sculpt a replica of the victim’s genitalia out of clay, to scale and in an aroused state, something close to the original.
If targeting a woman, sculpt a female genital organ. Attach this creation to a photograph of the victim. Obtain garters from a deceased person. If it is not possible to obtain them, take a regular bandage measuring half a meter in length and place it on the grave of the person being bound for nine days, reciting their name.

Afterwards, go directly to the grave and perform the ritual, observing all the rules. Bend the penis in half (or cover the vagina) and wrap it with the prepared bandage or garters, reciting the incantation nine times:

“May the deceased (name) accept the lustful desire of the servant (name). Just as the deceased desired, so shall you, servant (name), desire. Desire only me, your servant (name). So be it!”

Place all of this in a jar, tightly seal the lid, and seal the lid with wax. Bury the jar on the grave of the victim, on the same spot where the bandage was left.

If you want to prevent infidelity, say the following words:

“May servant (name) desire only me, your servant (name).”

However, it is important to note that this ritual may have negative consequences for the health (possible diseases of the reproductive system) of both the victim and the person performing the ritual.

Wait for the moment when the person you wish to bind relieves themselves in the toilet but does not flush or on the ground. Enter the toilet or approach the spot on the ground and recite the following:

“At servant (name)’s behest, sticking out for me, servant (name), and like a hook for other women. So be it!”

Stick a needle into that spot or drop a needle into the toilet with the point down, then immediately leave without turning back.

Cut the fly of the victim’s unwashed underwear. Come to the cemetery, observing all the rules, find the grave with the victim’s name, measure the approximate location where the victim’s groin area should be, and bury the fly from the underwear with the incantation recited three times:

“Just as the deceased had no desire for any woman, be it fair or dark, sad or promiscuous, ragged or crippled, or mottled, may the servant (name) also have no desire for any woman or maiden except me, your servant (name). So be it!”

Do not forget about the offering, leave without looking back or talking to anyone until you reach home.

Continuously recite the following incantation to yourself over drinks or food and give or feed it to the victim:

“I drink (eat), you finish, not to be with any woman except me. Key. Lock. Tongue. So be it!”

If you know that someone is being unfaithful to you, as a punishment, you can temporarily deprive your man of his potency. To do this, take a man’s handkerchief and tie a knot in it, reciting the incantation 66 times while waving the knotted handkerchief downwards. The man will become impotent temporarily. When necessary, untie the handkerchief, and everything will return to normal. It will be more difficult to lift the curse if you burn the handkerchief.

Break a dry branch and say:

“The branch breaks

, but the family does not break.”

Do this three times.

Go to the cemetery, find a big tree, and say:

“Let our love grow like this tree, never to wither.”

Say this three times.

Write the name of your beloved and your name on a birch branch three times. Bury the branch under a tree, saying:

“As this branch lies beneath the earth, so will (name) lie beneath me.”

Bury an egg under a tree and say:

“As this egg decays and rots away, so will (name)’s love for (name) fade and decay.”