Separation Magic

“Separation Magic.

Separation magic is used for an existing love union with the intention of breaking it apart. For example, it is requested by the parents of one of the partners who believe that this marriage is unnecessary and harmful to their child.

Separation is both a part of love magic and destructive magic, as its aim is to destroy the feelings and relationship of the couple in love. There are two methods here.

You can simply cool down their feelings towards each other, or you can create conflicts, fights, and scandals to separate them.

It all depends on the specific situation and what the master deems most appropriate in your case. The key points of the work will be the waning moon until the black moon and the main days on Wednesday night and Sunday.

As we know, these are the days of Mars and Saturn. The combination of such planets with the waning flow of the moon and its negative influence will help us perform this work well.

Separation Potion “Bloody Roots”.

In this ritual, we will use any root that has a red color. I will leave the choice to you. So, on the waning moon, on Saturday, in the night before Sunday, after midnight, we put a piece of the root in our cup, or if it is small in size, the whole root (which is more desirable). We pour boiling water over it with the following words:

“Shkraa shiitci tskhile N shktsile M shkraabi lukreniot shvalafi finchelio zorcio spakile shtanive ede tэ pironi tenzio kitani virgio mikelo oshio nekhile vrentsi tsiphta tavile nekoo goriste skoliche vegre.”

The spell is recited five times. After that, the cup is left under the moonlight for the night. In the morning, you carefully strain the separation potion, and you will need to pour it into the drink of either one person or a couple whom we want to quarrel. I remind you, these rituals are not for when one person wants to forget another.

This is a separation when the task of the sorcerer is to separate two people who have everything fine in their family life or personal life.

Back-to-Back Separation through Photos.

For this separation magic, we need not just a photo of the couple we want to separate but separate photos of each individual without any other people in them. Additionally, the photos of each person should be taken before they met each other.

So, besides the photos, we need pepper, honey, mustard, soot, and salt. The ritual is also performed during the waning moon but on Tuesday night into Wednesday. We take a small wooden bowl.

We will add the ingredients in the following order:

  1. Honey.
  2. Pepper.
  3. Salt.
  4. Mustard.
  5. Soot.

Honey is poured first, and the rest is added in small pinches with the following words for each addition:

“Shpati Firgio Chitadeli.”

Then we mix everything carefully with a wooden spoon and apply a thin layer of this mixture on the backside of the photos, sticking them back to back. While doing this, we recite the separation spell five times:

“Penta klazio oreone negide negile gerchika opati nanti N etasha farchigo M gloo glaa gla anatasii rechike gerdino norna makilo metana farsio kengio ranji renjio pereto matire bireto kirotto nanta oza.”

After that, the

photos are wrapped in a piece of black cloth and buried under a dried-up tree.

Footprint Separation “Following the Traces of the Past.”

This separation requires caution due to the risk of being discovered. The master will have to work with the fresh footprints of the person you want to separate. The ritual itself is extremely simple.

You only need to prepare a nail from a coffin in advance and wait for the waning moon and the corresponding day, either Tuesday or Saturday. Follow the person.

When you feel it is time, insert the nail fully into their footprint while saying (once):

“Rgabio sante N kraazi groozi kraivito M abrizio tshkhile tna.”

Then turn around and silently walk back in the opposite direction.”

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