Love Magic

“Love Magic

  1. Ordinary People.
  2. Self-taught initiates of lower levels (neophytes and junior adepts).
  3. Masters of Magic.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that love magic is an aspect of black magic and sorcery, and in no way is it white magic, especially when it is associated with religion, even if it involves restoring lost feelings or a failing marriage, as we are inevitably interfering with the natural course of events and altering them according to our own will.

You are an ordinary person who has never been interested in magic in your life, never practiced it, and never understood the mechanics of its influence on altering the course of destiny. But in one unfortunate moment of your life, you are faced with a problem in your personal life. It is usually either unrequited love or your beloved’s fading interest, being replaced by someone more attractive in their eyes.

At first, you try to bring back the relationship on your own, relying solely on your own strength, remembering how they loved you, not losing hope that they will soon come back to you, realizing the mistake they made. But no! None of that happens, and your loved one is actively developing a relationship with someone else while you cry into your pillow and lose sleep at night, pulling out your hair, and rumors of a wedding or pregnancy are already circulating. At this point, out of desperation, you start seeking help from outside, and one of the ways is, of course, love magic.

Having purchased a couple of grimoires on sorcery, you study the recipes for love spells and begin practicing them yourself. What happens after your magical manipulations? Unfortunately, either nothing happens, or you end up loving them even more, or you do manage to bring your beloved back to you, but then there is a widespread collapse in all aspects of your life, and soon they leave again. What is this related to?

Let’s consider.

If your magical power is zero, then, therefore, you receive zero as an output. In general, nobody owes anything to anyone.

In the case of successfully planned timing and location of the work, combined with a strong desire, you create a psycho-bioenergetic entity that either stays with you due to your inability to direct it properly through concentration, or it returns to you by bouncing off a person’s natural protection, which is commonly referred to as a backfire. And then your feelings flare up even more intensely, leading you to thoughts of suicide or seeking revenge on the object of your love.

There is also a third scenario—your efforts actually worked! Love magic has worked, and your beloved is now with you, and there is a flow of passion, love, and insatiable desire between you! Everything is magnificent. You are happy, and they are happy. And suddenly, everything starts to crumble before your eyes, not only in your personal life but also in other aspects of your life.

All your attempts to prevent this from happening do not yield any significant results. In the church, they will tell you that you have committed a sin and now you are paying for it. Magicians, on the other hand, do not philosophize about it; they simply know from practice and experience which mechanism has negatively affected you.

Let’s take a common example. You or someone close to you has acute appendicitis. You decide to help yourself without bothering or paying anyone. You run to the bookstore, buy a practical guide on surgery, learn how the operation is performed, and buy the necessary surgical instruments. You perform the surgery. As a result, shortly afterward, the patient is taken to the morgue, and you are interrogated by the police.

In magic, it is the same: You do not know the structure of the astral bodies, nor do you understand how the thought-forms that are formed by your efforts interact with the world of matter. You, as a magician, do not know what a love spell really is. You are like a monkey with a grenade, not understanding how to detonate it but willing to throw it.

This book is a warning to those who have chosen the path of a self-taught magician. Do not waste your time on sorcery and black magic! It is like quicksand, and you will not achieve any good with it. Black magic and sorcery are an illusion. There is no happy ending in this path. There is only a confrontation with demons, the astral energy of which is contaminated, dark, and negatively charged. Love magic is a black hole that absorbs everything that comes into its sphere of influence.

The path to happiness is in self-improvement, in achieving new goals, in fulfilling yourself as a person, and in realizing that love magic is an impasse, a dead-end that does not lead anywhere, but only plunges you into a chasm of negativity and despair.”

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