Casting Curses

“Casting Curses

Witches and mages know numerous techniques to curse and harm individuals. Firstly, when casting a curse, the witch must eliminate the person’s natural protection provided by their spirit guardian. To achieve this, the witch studies their negative character traits, bad habits, dependencies, illnesses… and begins to feed into them.

The negative programs within the person intensify, and they automatically become defenseless against the mage. Afterward, the curse can be directed towards their health, infertility, loneliness, poverty, or even death. The most potent curses are performed at the peak of the waning moon and on the Black Moon.

During a magical attack, the victim’s technology starts to malfunction – if they are a driver, they may get into an accident; their appliances at home may break down, even if they are brand new. They may suddenly smell the scent of corpses, hospitals, bandages… Strong nightmares occur at night – floods, earthquakes… There is a sensation of the presence of an invisible, heavy, tall figure nearby, the Horned One.

All of this indicates that you have become the target, and the work is aimed at removing you from this world. Usually, a person lives a maximum of nine months under such circumstances. If three masters are involved, no more than two months. Rapidly progressing cancer is possible. Every person has 5-6 dormant cancer cells in their body, and a sorcerer can make them ‘awaken’ and develop rapidly.

This is death through health, although accidents are not excluded. In this case, an accurate date of birth can be helpful – one can study how a person is destined to die and accelerate that process. Sensitives can immediately sense an imminent demise. Every person has a death code in their energy field, which activates a few months before their death. Hence the unexpected smell of death. In this case, it is not an external smell but rather the imminent scent of your own death.

In these dark affairs, the sorcerer works with what is available. In black magic, emanations can be used for a doll that is buried on the grave of a recently deceased person with a similar name but slightly older than the victim. Candles, mixed with the ashes from the crematorium, burn alongside it. The doll is pierced with cursed needles that spent the night in the body of the deceased in the morgue. The victim’s traces are poured with dead water infused with death curses. Cemetery soil blocks their path…

These are all techniques of sorcery and necromancy. Such work is quite expensive, and it is often ordered by a spouse who wants to get rid of their partner to obtain an inheritance, or a child ordering the death of their parent for the same selfish interests, or an assistant to their boss… In the case of a magical attack, observe who is near you and who benefits from your death. Moreover, these will be the people closest to you.

Rarely, it may be a competitor or a jilted lover. In the absence of the victim’s emanations or access to their belongings, the mage resorts to demonic magic. The Spirit of Death is summoned, its seal is charged with blood, and it is buried near the victim’s house. The work continues, and then it latches onto the victim constantly as they pass by. However, this is not the final resort. Distance is an unknown concept in magic. It is possible to establish a channel to the victim even across the ocean and still achieve the desired effect. The work of the Circle of Masters is often effective in suchcases.

The difference between a curse and a hex is that you do not receive a curse undeservedly. A curse can lie dormant for years or decades, waiting for its hour. For example, it may be triggered when a woman becomes pregnant or gets married (similarly, a man getting married); your child grows up, or when you fall deeply in love. It is a vengeance executed by Saturn, cold and highly calculated.

At the moment of the curse’s realization, you could say that fate has befallen you. The effects of a curse can always be predicted in advance. For instance, in business, if you have behaved extremely unethically toward others, justifying it by the desire to secure a prosperous future for your child, your child may ‘accidentally’ leave this world at your happiest moment. Saturn will sever what is most dear to you at your most joyful moment.
On an energetic level, a curse manifests as a channel above the Sahasrara (the head), extending upward. This distinguishes it from energy vampirism, where a similar channel runs parallel to the earth. A curse can be lifted by a master who cuts this connection with a ‘sword,’ but it requires serious training and carries risks if performed unprofessionally.”

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