Ancestral Curse

Here is the translation of the text from the book:

“Ancestral Curse
Performed on a Tuesday or Saturday before midnight. Naturally, during the waning moon, like all curses.
Before starting the work, we read “Nima” (i.e., the Lord’s Prayer) thirteen times in reverse.

Take thirteen black candles, black cloth (one meter by one meter), chalk, a photo of the victim, and preferably photos of the victim’s family members or their hair, nails, or scraps of clothing.

Using chalk, draw on the cloth placed on the table a pentacle for black work, the Wheel of Chernobog (draw two circles counterclockwise, one larger than the other, and a cross-swastika inside them, with the ends extending beyond the larger circle and directed counterclockwise), or draw an inverted pentagram.

Place and light twelve candles in a counterclockwise circle. Place the photo of the victim and the male blood relatives in the center, and if you don’t have a photo of each, you can use hair, nails, or pieces of clothing, objects.

Place the thirteenth candle on top of everything.

Read the invocation to the Devil:

“Devil in flesh, help me, I beg you, with my thoughts but your actions. I ask you, fill my soul with fiery anger. Give me the power of your curse tonight. So be it!”

After that, recite the curse nine times:

“Be cursed, servant (victim’s name), and your entire family (family name, and list the relatives), as long as the sun shines.

Be cursed, servant (victim’s name), and your entire family (family name, and in order, list the relatives), as long as the stars burn in the sky.

I summon you, Devil, with all your assistants. Come and curse the servant (victim’s name) and all his family (family name and list…).

Enter the souls of the servant (victim’s name) and his entire family (family name, and list…) and torment them, burn them, lead them to their graves.

So be it!”

Extinguish the candles, starting with the central one, and then the remaining candles in a counterclockwise direction, pressing the wicks inward towards the circle.

Then tie a knot at the corners of the cloth, crossing everything that was on it (photos, etc., remnants of candles with holders).

Go to the cemetery. Either bury the bundle at the cemetery crossroad or burn it.

Leave an offering at the crossroad (coins, vodka).

Leave without looking back.”