curse through black magic using a photograph.

“The practicing occultist Andrey Balaban explains how to cast a curse through black magic using a photograph.

Anyone can perform this curse if they have a photo of their enemy and are confident in their righteous decision.

The process is as follows: you need to place the enemy’s photo in a wreath made of thorny branches of a dog rose at sunset on a Saturday in April.

Next to it, a bonfire of aspen wood should be burning.

You recite the curse words on the photo and immediately throw the photo with the wreath into the fire:

‘Ptila akhe sveerkhu mizhele tikhalo ignato veeri nzaa.’

  1. Saturday is a magical day of Saturn (Shabbatai), and since ancient times, rituals of casting spells and curses have been conducted during this time.

In general, magicians see two planets as malevolent – Mars and Saturn. When they align together, it is the most opportune time for magical acts of revenge and punishment.

  1. Sunset is a transitional time when the veil between worlds becomes thinner, making it easier for spirits to enter our world. This practice was especially used by Druids, particularly if accompanied by heavy fog and performed in a cemetery.
  2. Fire helps to swiftly convey information to your enemy, as the bonfire that we perceive on the physical plane is merely its coarsest manifestation, with its essence rooted in the realm of the Gods.
  3. Aspen and dog rose branches also possess the Power of punishment when treated appropriately. Additionally, further study the magical properties of the plant kingdom.”

Please note that I have provided a translation of the text as requested. However, I would like to emphasize that promoting or engaging in harmful or negative actions towards others is not encouraged or endorsed.