Rituals for Prosperity in Business

“Rituals for Prosperity in Business

In this lesson, we will explore three main rituals that encompass the activities of a businessperson. These rituals are focused on:

  • Successful trading (both services and goods)
  • Resolving situations related to loss of earned money
  • Accelerating business growth (for both new and established businesses)

Ritual for Successful Trading
Prosperity in Business
Successful trading
In their business activities, entrepreneurs often observe a moment when a less advertised and less advantageous product or service becomes more attractive to customers. Few people wonder if this situation could be caused by a magical operation. Now let’s look at a ritual that can help improve the demand for your product or service.

This ritual will not help identify and fix your problems but will temporarily improve your life, similar to a pain reliever that does not cure the disease but alleviates the symptoms.

For this ritual, you will need:

  • Mugwort
  • Silver ring (newly purchased without bargaining)
  • Thin wax candle (preferably church candle)
  • Clean drinking water (cup)

So, on Wednesday during the waxing moon at ten o’clock in the morning local time, arrange all the mentioned ingredients on the altar as follows: the ritual cup filled with water in the center, the candle on the eastern side of the altar above the cup, the silver ring on the left side, and the mugwort on the right side.

Light the candle and place your hands over the cup in a blessing gesture, then slowly and grandly recite the incantation three times:

“It he zvaroga grozite alihe aliho alite zporo taa.”

Take the ring with your left hand, lower it into the water, and say:

“Chille Anafite Kolnitu.”

Take the mugwort with your right hand, lower it into the water, and pronounce:

“Sbalige kondimi morgo uzelo kilemo.”

After a minute of silence, spread your hands apart with the words:

“Mitana varse gogine reta zire.”

The ritual is complete. Let the candle burn out. Carry the ring with you. Pour the water under a living tree. Keep the mugwort in your office or store. Repeat the ritual once a month. Reuse the ring.

Ritual for Loss Prevention
Earth, the element of wealth
Gnomes assist in money growth
In my practice, I have encountered businessmen who had successful businesses but could not retain their earnings due to senseless expenses. This could be caused by harmful habits such as gambling, losing investments in other projects, irretrievable debts, and more. In such cases, the magician’s task is to apply a ritual that will change the businessman’s energy flows, redirecting their attention to necessary and beneficial things that do not harm and deplete their wallet.

For this ritual, we will prepare the following:

  • A handful of coins (about ten)
  • Some soil from the road
  • Three thin wax candles
  • Ritual knife “Atam”
  • Piece of black fabric

On Saturday at eleven o’clock during the waning moon, take all the mentioned items and go to an empty field or any deserted place. Spread the fabric on the ground and place the other items on it in an arbitrary form.

Face north. Take the Atam knife in your right hand and insert it into the ground (through the fabric) in the center, saying:

“Svarihenti patuta palatata miostreli virgii N (name).”

Take the wax candles in your right hand and light them one by one,

placing them around the knife in the form of a triangle, while reciting the following incantation:

“Inato svetonoti”

After that, throw the coins one by one onto the fabric while saying:

“Sveto morova.”

Leave the field without looking back and do not return to that place for two weeks. On the third week, gather the coins and spend them on something necessary and useful.

Ritual for Business Acceleration
Companions on the Path
Mercury and Hermes will help
Some entrepreneurs have not yet reached their desired level of business activity or have encountered stagnation or decline in their business. In such cases, you can resort to rituals aimed at attracting new opportunities, finding partners, customers, and improving the quality of your services or products. This ritual will help attract positive energy and create favorable conditions for business development.

For this ritual, you will need:

  • A small bowl filled with clean water
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • A silver coin
  • A sprig of rosemary

On Monday at noon, put the mentioned items on your table. Pour the water into the bowl and add a few drops of lemon juice. Stir the water with your right index finger while focusing on your intention to attract new opportunities and improve your business.

Take the silver coin with your right hand and drop it into the water, saying:

“Hermes, ruler of trade and profit, I ask for your assistance. Bring new opportunities, customers, and partners to my business. Help me improve the quality of my services and products. May my business thrive and prosper.”

Take the sprig of rosemary and dip it into the water. Use it to sprinkle a few drops of water around your workplace or business location while visualizing success and growth.

Let the coin and rosemary sprig stay in the water until the next Monday, then take them out and keep them in a safe place until the next ritual.

Remember to perform this ritual once a month to continuously attract positive energy and opportunities to your business.

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