“Separation is the destructive aspect of love magic and is related to the magic of casting curses.

The easiest part of this sorcery is the cooling off when a person voluntarily wants to eliminate emotional attachment and dependence within themselves.

For this, as a mage, I use the Mars potion, which completely neutralizes the growth of Venus, and in the morning, you wake up already free.

Separation is used in cases where it is necessary to eliminate a rival. There are many techniques here, both with and without the use of emanations.

There are powerful separation potions, which can be administered to both lovers if there is an opportunity, but it can also be enough to target just one of them; sorcery using photographs, clothing; strong ritual work through a cemetery.

All these manipulations are carried out on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the waning moon.

The result occurs very quickly. The couple simply doesn’t understand how they could have been together before – they are annoyed by everything about each other.

Scandals arise out of nowhere. This is the case if both individuals have been subjected to magical influence.

However, if the work is directed at one partner, hatred arises only in that individual.”