Protection Magic

Protection Magic
Magical protection can be categorized into passive, active, and preventive forms.

Preventive protection is the most effective as it attacks the adversary faster than they can prepare to strike or even plan an attack. This type of work is demanding and requires a significant amount of energy.

The optimal approach involves creating an artificial elemental entity attached to a physical object within the protected area, be it an individual, a vehicle, property, family, or a separate functioning business egregore.

Active protection, by its characteristics, is inferior to the first option and comes into play when a threat to the protected entity is detected. It creates obstacles and interferences to hinder the threat.

Passive protection is the weakest form and aims to extract you from the situation of danger with minimal losses. The level of protection required will be determined by the Master, but you should also realistically assess your own situation.

If your life constantly intersects with various threats, it is advisable to establish three levels of protection simultaneously. Each level of protection possesses its own energy potential, and if it becomes depleted during a severe threat, the second and third layers of defense will be activated.