Business Assistance

Business Assistance
Today, many people turn to mages, fortune-tellers, and witches for consultations and assistance in their businesses.

What does a master of magic primarily focus on when addressing your business problems?

  • The astrological state of the sky at the time of registering your enterprise.
  • The energetic qualities of the land where your business points are located.
  • The name of your enterprise.
  • The harmony between your personal astrological chart, full name, and the name of your enterprise, as well as the moment of its registration.
  • The positivity of your employees for the success of your enterprise.

These are the primary steps that a mage takes when providing magical assistance in solving your business problems.

In the second step, the identified issues from the first step are addressed, including:

  • Relocating business points to positive energetic locations or minimizing the negative effects of unfavorable points if relocation is not feasible.
  • Examining the registration moment of your enterprise in relation to the astrological sky and mitigating negative planetary influences through the creation of Magical Symbols.
  • If necessary, changing the name of your enterprise to attract maximum growth and profit.
  • Identifying employees who are not suitable for your enterprise and may harm it with their presence.

In the third step, the master of magic:

  • Provides consultations to your enterprise regarding any matters related to its expansion and predicts the most optimal timing for signing contracts, taking all factors into account.
  • Utilizes magical rituals, ceremonies, and rites to attract maximum luck and success in your work.

Additionally, it is possible to neutralize your competitors and make predictions about potential collaborations with business partners.

As we can see, this is a complex and time-consuming process that only wealthy businessmen can afford.