“Divination, from the most primitive forms to highly complex methods, exists in all magical traditions of the world’s cultures. It ranges from candle flame reading, coin tossing, entrails, stones, seashells, coffee grounds… to simple card readings.

Some simple forms of divination have been popularized and made accessible to ordinary people who have no connection to the world of witchcraft. However, this can lead to misinterpretation of the divination’s meaning, resulting in self-programming or programming of others into a specific situation.

Therefore, it is best to consult an experienced fortune-teller (diviner) who can not only perform divination but also provide predictions. Divination results cannot be changed. It does not offer practical or spiritual advice, and its predictions are optimal for the immediate future. Divination does not reveal your mistakes or less probable outcomes.

Magicians and practical individuals often turn to divination when they need comprehensive information about their questions. Common forms of divination used by professionals include runes, tarot, palmistry, and astrology.

Through divination, you can discover the root of your question (problem), its most likely outcome, its less probable outcomes, and if these outcomes are more positive, how to achieve them. It can reveal your mistakes and provide guidance from the stars and your spirit guides and protectors.

Fate prediction

Clairvoyance is often mistaken for the Ajna chakra, the sixth energy center, which is the center of will and is visually represented as a double-petal lotus. It carries a cold stream of energy and is a lightning-fast destructive element.

At this level, rapid and harsh attacks and defeats can occur. The mistake lies in the fact that the “third eye” is located practically at the same level as the Ajna chakra.

A practitioner opening the “third eye” must consider that during the initiation of “subtle vision,” they become vulnerable to attacks. Protection is activated when the “third eye” is either closed or fully open.

Furthermore, the practitioner must be prepared and spiritually advanced to ensure that the new vision of the world does not disrupt their psyche, as it often leads to various mental disorders and depressions.

Divination is a wise choice to seek advice on how to solve your problem. So go ahead and give it a try.

Black magician Amanar
Andrey Anatolyevich Balaban

Now, about myself as a fortune-teller, diviner, and clairvoyant.

In 2010, I, Andrey Anatolyevich Balaban (Magician Amanar), participated in the 6th season of “Battle of the Psychics,” and you can watch the video with me right here, right now.

I can provide comprehensive paid divination services (costing 100 euros) to assess your overall life situation at the present moment as well as in the near future (general or specific questions regarding relationships or business, for example).*

I can conduct divination sessions conveniently online (audio and video) or through recorded audio/video files or by sending written reports via email.

My email: [email protected]

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram: +37257323296 (look for the buttons on the sides of the website)

You will need to make a payment for the divination. The payment methods are available on the website.”

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Good day. Please send photos and names of all participants involved in your inquiry immediately (if it's a love spell, then photos and names of both). Specify what you want to achieve with the magical assistance (for example, a love spell for a beloved person or a curse on an enemy). Only after receiving the photos, names, and purpose of your inquiry, I can state the price, duration, and guarantee of the work. I work only on a full prepayment basis. The average price for assistance is 500 euros. Fortune telling and diagnosis of a curse cost 100 euros. Photo report of the work. Video report is possible. I consult the client throughout the entire process. The client pays once and I work with them until they say they are satisfied with the result. Please contact in writing only. Services are only remote. Sincerely, mage Amanar (Andrey Balaban).