Black Love Spell

Black Love Spell
So, a black love spell. What makes it unique and what does it actually mean?

Intuitively, a person understands that it is a reliable means to maintain their relationship and closeness with their loved one, but they do not comprehend the mechanism behind such sorcery and often fear the responsibility for taking such a step and the consequences of divine punishment.

In this case, black love spell does not imply something terrifying, evil, sinful, etc., but it refers to the earth.

The black earth symbolizes the physical plane and the physical body of a person.

Black magician Amanar
Andrey Balaban
Its mechanism affects the three lower chakras of a person – Muladhara, Svadhisthana, and Manipura.

This leads to manifestations in three aspects:

  • They will always be by your side in life.
  • They will always feel passion and lust towards you, with complete indifference towards other individuals of your gender.
  • They will be submissive to your will and, consequently, fulfill your desires.

The principle of sorcery is based on what is commonly known as enchanting or casting spells on a person.

People often say, “She enchanted him like a witch.”

Parapsychologists and modern scientists refer to it as the technique of induced hypnosis, where a mage, possessing skills and knowledge, can remotely influence a person’s subconscious mind in order to implant desired thoughts and desires in them.

The mage utilizes various objects, such as a photograph, hair, a piece of clothing, footwear, a footprint, or a drop of blood.

As you can understand, these items must be obtained discreetly, and ideally, they should belong solely to the target, preferably unwashed. In the photograph, the target should be the only person. The age of the photograph should not exceed three years.

The entire process will take time from the new moon to the full moon. It is preferable for the moon to be in earth or fire signs. Avoid rainy and windy weather. The recommended directions to face during the ritual are east, south, or southeast.

And remember, if you don’t believe in the result or in the master, it is better not to do anything at all, as the outcome may turn out completely opposite and what is commonly referred to as a “reversal.”

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Good day. Please send photos and names of all participants involved in your inquiry immediately (if it's a love spell, then photos and names of both). Specify what you want to achieve with the magical assistance (for example, a love spell for a beloved person or a curse on an enemy). Only after receiving the photos, names, and purpose of your inquiry, I can state the price, duration, and guarantee of the work. I work only on a full prepayment basis. The average price for assistance is 500 euros. Fortune telling and diagnosis of a curse cost 100 euros. Photo report of the work. Video report is possible. I consult the client throughout the entire process. The client pays once and I work with them until they say they are satisfied with the result. Please contact in writing only. Services are only remote. Sincerely, mage Amanar (Andrey Balaban).