death envelopment

“Required ingredients for death envelopment:

  1. Wax.
  2. Emanation of the victim.
  3. Ash.

At midnight, on the black moon, we set up a small bonfire in an empty field. We use aspen wood for the fire. In a new container, we melt the wax on the fire and add the emanation of the victim (nails, hair, blood) and the ash of a deceased person who died by suicide or in their youth. We create a doll, focusing sharply on the image of the victim. Let the wax solidify. We wrap the doll in the burial shroud of the deceased, carving the name of the victim on the back with an athame.

The ritual consists of three stages:

  1. Church.
  2. Cemetery.
  3. Crossroad.

Choose three churches that you like. Preferably, they should be old, well-established, and well-prayed in.

In each church, take three of the thinnest candles and place them upside down in front of the crucifix (with the doll present), expressing words of sorrow towards the victim.

Clearly visualize the departure of the deceased-victim. Wait until the candles burn out, then leave.

Repeat the process with three churches.

Go to the cemetery at twilight, preferably right after the church. Find the grave of a young female suicide victim (you can obtain this information from the caretaker for a small fee, pretending that you want to pray for the restless soul). Tear open a small amount of soil at her feet and place the doll there, saying:

“Allay Fortission Fortissio Allynsen Roa”
(By this, we awaken the deceased. More precisely, we summon her soul to return to the grave) – repeat this nine times.

Then say:
“I command you, (name of the suicide victim), restless and cursed soul, whose curse will be eternal, you hungry and malicious soul, the outcast of humanity, enter the life of my enemy, (name of the victim), and enjoy his joys and pleasures, destroying and consuming him. I open the gates to his temple for you. Go now!”

Cover the doll with soil so that no trace of your activity is visible. Everything should be learned in advance. If you feel sudden discomfort during any part of the ritual, immediately stop the ritual and burn the doll on a rowan tree branch, saying:

“I release all bound spirits. Go in peace and fade away.”

Leave without looking back. Your apartment should be magically protected on this night. Dead beings of this nature bear grudges and will not hesitate to confront you, as their vengeance will fully manifest after twenty-four hours. Such works are performed either against a very serious enemy or for a significant amount of money.

After leaving the cemetery, wash your hands thoroughly and rinse your shoes. At 10 PM, at the crossroad, recite the strengthening incantation three times and silently return home.

Do not go anywhere until sunrise, and it is preferable not to turn off the lights. However, most likely, they will go out on their own if there is not enough protection to restrain the cursed dead soul.

We will discuss protection in future works.

“I have summoned and bound the dead soul of (name of the suicide victim) to punish my enemy (name of the victim), and in the presence of the Master of Darkness, I request to witness my work of bringing death to my enemy.”

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