Death Curse

“Death Curse – the most powerful arsenal of destructive black magic for a sorcerer. It is the highest form of punishment on Earth, whose sole purpose is to disconnect the physical shell of the soul from its source of nourishment, which is death.

The black sorcerer must first seek permission from higher forces to use this ritual against a potential victim. The work itself is very complex and difficult, and the sorcerer risks themselves.

This type of magic holds many special secrets and consequences, as the soul from the other side can start haunting you if it is not immediately taken to the eighth astral sphere and sealed to prevent its return.

Ancient supreme black magic of death.

The grand ritual of envelopment “Curse of the Dark Gods”.
The death curse is performed only on the black moon before the new moon. It is necessary to calculate the nighttime hour of Mars and align with it. For the ritual, we will need:

  1. Ritual mandrake root (I have discussed it in detail in the book “22 Lessons of Witchcraft”), male or female, depending on the target of the curse.
  2. Atame knife.
  3. Five red candles.
  4. Sacrificial offering (at least a black bird, but preferably a lamb).
  5. Chalice.
  6. Victim’s emanation (hair, nail, or a drop of blood).
  7. Thin wax candle made personally.
  8. Piece of new red fabric (natural).
  9. Censer, charcoal, and tobacco mixed with sulfur and wormwood.

As we can see, the ritual requires serious preparation. The result is also significant. You need to analyze and consider everything, whether you are ready to take this step and whether the person deserves such a sword hanging over their head.

If your answer is affirmative, then proceed, taking with you everything listed above.

Our workplace will be an abandoned cemetery crossroad. Find out in your area which cemetery is the oldest.

Lying down at the crossroad, do not forget that during the ritual, we are facing only the northwest, the abode of death.

Take Atame in your left hand and draw a counterclockwise circle around yourself. In the circle, draw a pentagram so that two of its vertices point to the north and west. Place and light the candles at the corners of the pentagram.

On the red cloth, place the mandrake root, victim’s emanations, the wax candle, and the chalice. The censer is placed in the center.

Let the charcoal smolder there. The fumigation is nearby. The sacrificial offering is also on the left side of you.

So, we begin the ritual.

Step 1. On the smoldering charcoal, sprinkle the fumigation of the spirits of Mars and Saturn with their invocatory words:

“Madim oro Shabatai occultis znameno daimones rakshasy stihium.”

Step 2. Take the sacrificial animal and cut its throat so that the first part merges into the chalice (let the rest of the blood be absorbed by the earth – it is an offering to the spirits of the cemetery), uttering the Dark invocation:

“Emina timonis amele chatri aksheso shetelo nota shaproto drakulis egneso vadimes etu varda etu vrodo etu nakile nardisius shmanzhi khaa vagale logno farte kargamone no sitakus esta varego roglo romenza zatasa vatero vaterlo mogete necheto vrate staakhe uchile perito nokta uchtara metaga naglaze sitaza an

rusiva brahe zago oto esen horti.”

Step 3. Take the mandrake root and say the following invocation three times:

“Reghalziem talia hanha mamadie.”

Step 4. Take the emanation of the victim and pierce it with Atame. Say the invocation:

“Aschelta alergiz vera.”

Step 5. Now, light the thin wax candle and speak the Dark words nine times:

“Yvora bela ven necromanche, Bel, Bel, Bel, Belial, morchi, fiesta.”

Step 6. Drink the blood from the chalice, saying:

“Maer, Belial, necromanche.”

Step 7. Then, eat the mandrake root, uttering the following invocation:

“Hocaris, Cauophoris.”

Step 8. Take the thin wax candle and bury it at the crossroad. Leave the ritual site without turning back.

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